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We are a supplier of solar mounting systems

We supply a range of Rooftop mounting solutions for the fixing of solar modules and other applications such as walkways and trunking.

Our products are divided into three main categories namely Roof MountedGround Mounted, and Solar Carport Solutions.






With the need for a localised manufacturer of Solar Support Mounting Structures, SunMount strives to be a dedicated provider of quality, cost effective mounting solutions throughout the African region.

SunMount was thus conceptualised as a proudly South African company providing mounting support solutions with local conditions in mind.


About Our Philosophy

At SunMount, we envisage a future that relies less on less use of fossil fuels for energy.

We have acquired many years of experience in the solar sector along with other areas related to our specific offering; namely metallurgy, engineering, design, supply, and project management. We are excited to see the exponential growth in the use of renewables in recent years specifically associated with businesses. We believe that the strength of the solar energy industry lies within all the expert individuals, companies and organisations who make up a community that realises the importance of shifting the world towards clean energy.


SunMount is a company that is defined entirely on the premise of providing locally design and manufactured product with Southern African conditions in mind. We are proudly South African, providing unique and innovative system solutions to our installation partners and clients.

Our Rooftop Mounting Structures have been trusted on installations of over 100MW.  Furthermore, our solar PV Systems and mounting and module clamps are designed to suit rail, direct-mount, and terraced mount installations.

All structures are offered with either HDG or Z275 Pre-galvanized coatings, depending on location and climatic considerations. 

Our customers can expect our commitment to a friendly and professional service supported by our in-depth knowledge, advice, and competitive pricing.

We look forward to building long-term relationships in the pursuit of our common shared interest in sustainable renewable energy and innovation.

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